Shelly Tea Set - Styling Secrets

Vintage and Modern Treasures

Here at Styling Secrets, one of our favourite activities is looking for vintage and modern treasures, which are exquisite and beautiful.

We also love that items purchased earlier in our lives, often become rarer and more valuable over time. For example purchasing Troika pottery in St. Ives, in Cornwall, when it was first produced, and loving it because of the designs, colour and texture and then finding out years later that it had a value and was highly collectable. Continue reading “Vintage and Modern Treasures”

Tricia Guild Paint Box - Tricia Guild - Styling

Colour Inspiration

One of the reasons why we created Styling Secrets is a love of colour, pattern and texture, we love the way that each element can create an emotion and add so much to a room, or an image. The colours you choose, and the textures you introduce can dramatically change the way that you feel when you enter a room, or how others engage with your images. Continue reading “Colour Inspiration”

Styling Inspiration

When looking for inspiration, look beyond the obvious, think laterally. Put a thought in your mind and let it sit there, overnight, on a journey, while you are showering, cooking, doing something completely different. Always have a small notebook with you, technology is great for recording, taking a photograph, but sometimes you need to draw a vision, or scribble your embryonic ideas, and nothing else captures those thoughts quite as well as a notebook. Continue reading “Styling Inspiration”