Styling Secrets is the realization of an ambition held for many years to create a place where we could showcase our combined passion for beautifully curated items, and how to create inspiring images.

We also wanted to showcase the talents of photographers, designers, stylists and other creatives who work behind the scenes translating the vision into a practical reality.

Every time you look at a beautiful image in a magazine, book, instagram or Twitter feed, someone has created it. Someone has painstakingly sourced the items, found the right background, thought about the textures, lighting, from the smallest accessory to the angle of the camera. It can take hours to create just one perfect shot.

Styling Secrets can help you find the sources of the magic to create those gorgeous images.

Why not contact us to see how we can help you.  Also if you are looking for the perfect item, take a look in our beautiful shop.  You can also look in our partners section for fabulous like minded people and suppliers.


Styling Secrets has been thoughtfully and carefully curated, designed and created by mother and daughter team; Kaye Thorne and Louise Sinclair.  Both have years of experience in their specialised fields and having already successfully created an online lifestyle luxury magazine – Hot Brands Cool Places, are now adding their skillset to Styling Secrets.

KAYE THORNE - Styling Secrets.co.ukKAYE THORNE

Kaye is the Editor-in-Chief of Hot Brands Cool Places. Her previous experience was as well-respected business writer, employee engagement/branding consultant and talent coach acting as a sounding board to senior managers and Directors, but for the last ten years her focus has been in digital publishing. Her passions lie in design, creativity and sourcing beautiful things, Styling Secrets is an opportunity to share this knowledge with others.

In her spare time she loves escaping to the coast, a love of the sea led her and Louise to creating Seashore Creative,which is a celebration of all things coastal.

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Louise Sinclair - Styling SecretsLOUISE SINCLAIR

Louise is a full time modern calligrapher, designer, illustrator and creator.  She thrives on finding perfect pieces for our online shop and contributes to our tutorials to share her knowledge and design skills within the website.  She has her own websites where you can see her calligraphy work and also has a lifestyle blog where she shares not only her design knowledge but also recipes, tips and features.

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